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My name is Alexander Neville. I am currently a college student at Brigham Young University, working towards a B.S. and eventual M.S. in Computer Science: Animation Emphasis.

I'm also working towards a minor in creative writing, a secondary minor in mathematics, and a certificate of language proficiency in Spanish. The intersection of science, technology, and art has always been fascinating to me, and I hope to work in a field that combines technological innovation with artistic vision. My ultimate dream is to work as a Disney Imagineer and technical animator. However, I would love to work in any field in which I can strengthen my software development and/or computer graphics skills.

Writing is also very important to me. I know that a lot of software developers hate writing, but I am a definite exception to this rule. I am aiming to become a published fantasy and science fiction novelist. I also love writing poetry and the creative self-expression that it fosters. Additionally, I am learning drawing, digital painting, and 3D modeling.

Throughout my life, I have had many experiences to further my skills. While growing up, I had the opportunity to participate in GATE, Honors, and Advanced Placement courses. This allowed me to associate with others who harbored similar passions for learning as I did, an experience that I am incredibly grateful for. When I was 19, I served a mission for the LDS Church in Denver, Colorado, gaining experience in leadership and community service. More recently, I have worked in networking, end-user technical support, and as a teaching assistant in the BYU Computer Science Department.

Furthermore, I believe in living a balanced life! When I am not programming, writing, or creating works of art, I am always finding a way to keep myself busy. I love reading, theme parks and roller coasters, long-distance running, lifting weights, playing my clarinet and piano, listening to music, dinosaurs, dragons, psychology, astronomy, marine biology, geysers and similar geological phenomena, video games, online forums, watching animated films and shows, and lucid dreaming.

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