My portfolio for programming, writing, and art projects: past, present, and future.

Better organization will be coming shortly.


Super Asteroids

Mobile implementation of the classic Asteroids arcade game. (download zip) Status: Completed

Sherlock and the Moving Tiles

A solution to a simple HackerRank challenge. (download) Status: Completed

Photomanipulation Shader

A shader that changes an image to color, black and white, sepia, and negative. Written for Shadertoy. (download) Status: Completed

Family Map

Plots information about a user's ancestors onto a map of the world, and provides an effective way of navigating said information. Status: Completed

Theme Park Facts

Alexa skill created using the Alexa Fact Skill Tutorial. Status: In Progress


Future iOS and Android app with classic games such as Reversi and Chinese Checkers. Status: Future

Music Alarm

Alexa skill which allows the user to wake up to any song in their music library. Status: Future

Summer Star

Game which simulates traveling to various fictional theme parks. You can ride rides, watch shows, eat food, browse shops, play arcade games, watch concerts, and look at the animals. Status: In Planning

Catch the Falling Stars

In a faraway solar system, poisonous meteors are raining down upon the planets, leaving death and destruction in their wake. You must determine what is causing this and stop it. Status: In Planning


Autumn's Sky

In the vast universe of Alexandria, both magic and technology abound. However, a strange curse is causing magicians everywhere to be attacked by their own powers. Hope lies in Kariana, a girl with dragon blood who can control fire, and Tristen, a boy with the power to manipulate darkness and shadows. They have not yet been affected by the curse, but they must find the counterspell to stop it before it spreads any farther.

Of Dragons and Men

When Colby learns that he is part of the Dragon-Human Tribe, an ancient organization of human and reptile dedicated to protecting the world from evil, he is quickly swept in over his head. With the dragon Flame, his best friend, he must work with the Tribe to stop the spread of an illness, created by a brilliant, bitter man, that causes a rapid descent into insanity.

I Wish That Dragons Were Real

In the universe of Mirania, magical creatures abound, but there are no dragons. Mira, a young mathematician, is mocked for her belief in the mythological creatures. So she sets off in a stolen spaceship, on a journey to the universe of Alexandria, in order to find them.

Across Two Oceans, Within One Forest

Jaladar and Kendall have recently led a small band of friends against a terrible group of demons. In the days following the fight, they must learn how to live and love again.

Poetry Anthology

An anthology of poems that I've written about various things.



3D piece. Download

Will You Fly With Me?

3D piece. Download

Bouncing Ball and Shader

Animation and shader output. Download

swf files are not particularly compatible with enough things, so please check out my YouTube link instead: YouTube


Figure drawing. Download

Spring Blossoms

Colored pencil drawing. Download